Black desert character slots

black desert character slots Donate: Nickname and amount will appear in future Incendar. I'm trying to find some info on the max number of character slots you can have, and am coming up short. All I've found so far is the base game is. Hey all, I was wondering, other than purchasing with real money, if there is any other way to obtain character slots for this game. In addition, I.


Black Desert [GUIDE] - Why should you fill up all character slots? The User shall not post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned or licensed by the User or by Kakao Games Europe. Quoting The User shall not quote posts who break the forum rules. It annoys me that character names have to be unique. An uninvolved Community Manager will then starg the case. The case will then be reviewed and appropriate actions will be taken. Handicapwette item will disappear and a character slot will be added. Do you want to use it?

Black desert character slots - Birds Star

Thanks for the answers guys, much appreciated! The Elder Scrolls Online. N'ayez pas peur du changement et rejoignez-nous! There's what, a NA server and EU server? General Select language ENGLISH selected option ENGLISH DEUTSCH FRANCAIS. The user shall not promote illegal or illicit activities including cheating and the use of exploits. Would like some official confirmation on this

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